September 20, 2018

Inside the ASPCA's Response to Hurricane Florence

a dog in a flooded kennel

In the wake of Hurricane Florence, ASPCA responders remain on the ground in North Carolina to continue to assist animals displaced by the storm and the communities impacted. In the past week, we’ve conducted animal search-and-rescue, brought food and supplies to pets in need, and worked tirelessly alongside local agencies to provide emergency sheltering for 150 animals affected by severe flooding. 

We’ve also helped to ensure the safety of many of the affected communities’ homeless animals by evacuating them and placing them with animal welfare groups in areas safe from the storm’s impact. While our response efforts are far from over, we want to give you an inside look at what we’ve seen on the ground, ongoing rescue efforts, and, most importantly, the animals who are now out of harm’s way.

Stranded animals wait for rescue: 

stranded dog

stranded dog

a stranded peacock

Our responders search flooded areas for animals, rescuing several dogs, cats, chickens, peacocks and a rabbit:

flooded area

our responder wading through flood water

our responder with stranded dogs

a stranded rabbit being rescued

a responder rescuing a peacock

a responder rescuing a chicken

a responder rescuing a cat

a responder rescuing a cat

Pups are bathed and dried after being brought to safety: 

Pup being bathed after being brought to safety

Pup being bathed after being brought to safety

Pup being bathed after being brought to safety

Pup being bathed and dried after being brought to safety

Rescued animals are transported to safety in our emergency response and relocation vehicles:

rescued dog being transported

rescued dog being transported

a puppy being transported

Animals are comforted by our responders: 

Animals are comforted by our respondersAnimals are comforted by our responders

a responder with a pig

a responder comforting a kitten

The generous support of friends like you makes our work possible. Your donation now will go directly to the ASPCA's Field Investigations and Response Fund, which supports our lifesaving efforts for animals in disaster and cruelty situations, helping us provide care and supplies, and carry out rescue operations across the country. Please consider a gift today. On behalf of all the animals who receive second chances with your help, we thank you.