Help Save Animals with the ASPCA’s Vehicle Donation Program

October 28, 2014

Help Save Animals with the ASPCA’s Vehicle Donation Program

Did you know one of the easiest ways you can help support animals might be sitting in your backyard?

When you donate an old or unwanted car, truck, RV or other vehicle to the ASPCA’s Vehicle Donation Program, you’re not only helping save animals from cruelty, but also you’ll get a tax deduction at the same time. Plus, proceeds from every vehicle donated will go towards helping find loving, permanent homes for homeless animals and support the life-saving programs and services we offer millions of animals nationwide.

We accept all vehicles in any condition, from cars, trucks and motorcycles to heavier vehicles like boats, airplanes, farm machinery and equipment. We’ll even arrange free pickup from anywhere in the United States. Once your vehicle is sold, you will receive a tax receipt within days of the sale.

Donating is quick and easy. To get started, enter your vehicle’s information using our Vehicle Donation web form or call us at 855-652-7722 to speak to a representative.

It’s an all around win-win opportunity to help create more happy endings for lives touched by cruelty!

To learn more about the program, tax benefits or to donate your vehicle, please visit the ASPCA’s Vehicle Donation Program web page or call 855-652-7722 today.