Help Braxton Find a Place He Can Finally Call Home

October 15, 2019


Every now and then an animal needs a little extra help finding the right home. This week, our Adoption Spotlight is on Braxton, an ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center graduate who is now looking for a loving family in the Norfolk, Virginia, area. Read all about our boy Braxton below to see if you could be the right fit!

Braxton first came to the ASPCA in 2018, when he was transferred to the Behavioral Rehabilitation Center (BRC). Up until that point, Braxton had lived in both a shelter setting and a foster home, and for the most part he was a happy, playful dog—until people were present. Despite Braxton’s social demeanor with his dog friends, he was suffering from fearful behavior during interactions with humans—making it difficult for him to find the right home. Fortunately, the team at the BRC was ready to help Braxton overcome his fears and learn to trust humans.

Braxton resting next to a sliding glass door

In his time at the BRC, Braxton made great progress and even created connections with familiar people and friends. While he remained slightly shy, quiet and calm, this pup’s true energy and personality would come out during playtime with his dog friends. He was even a helper dog to assist dogs who are nervous when it comes to car rides. Some of his favorite things while at the BRC included going for outdoor walks, riding in the car, swimming in local creeks, and of course, playgroups! He even learned to accept gentle affection from humans and enjoys getting scratches on his neck. 

Since graduating from the BRC, Braxton was transferred to Norfolk SPCA, where he was made available for adoption. Since his arrival, Braxton has continued to make progress socially, with a more confident canine roommate helping him to come out of his shell.

Braxton resting with a black dog

Braxton is constantly making strides, and as he becomes more curious and spirited, he is also constantly bringing smiles to the faces of everyone who works at Norfolk SPCA. Braxton still loves playtime more than anything and thrives when he is surrounded by other canines, like when he’s out on pack walks with other rescue dogs.

Braxton going to the park

Braxton is looking for a patient, understanding adopter who can give him the time he needs while he adjusts to his new home. Braxton would do best in a home with another social, confident dog where he can spend time participating in outdoor activities like long walks, hikes and swimming. 

If you’re in the Virginia area and are interested in meeting Braxton contact Norfolk Animal Services Coordinator, Alyssa, at 757-622-3319 ext. 105 or email them at: [email protected]. The staff at Norfolk would love for potential adopters to come in and speak with their Care Team to discuss whether Braxton is the right fit. Their Adoption Center is open 1:00-6:00 PM every day except Tuesdays. 

braxton at the park

Even if you can’t adopt, you can help Braxton find the right match by simply sharing this post on your social channels with your family and friends! October marks Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and we hope you’ll continue to help dogs like Braxton get the second chances they deserve. 

Want to adopt but not in the Virginia area? Find a shelter near you today!