Hard-Luck Kitty Finds Best Friend, Then New Home

June 29, 2017

Jupiter and Skyler

We first met Jupiter in September 2016 after he was transferred to the ASPCA from a local animal shelter. The handsome black-and-white cat was healthy, active and about one year old at the time of his intake to the ASPCA Adoption Center.

In his first month with us, the team at the Adoption Center noticed Jupiter’s high energy level and noted his need for frequent playtime. Though his behavioral quirks could come off to some as aggressive, the Behavior team knew that with the right adopter, Jupiter would become a playful pet. 

jupiter upside down

Jupiter being a goofball at the ASPCA Adoption Center.

In the beginning of October, we said goodbye to Jupiter after he was adopted. Unfortunately, after three weeks, Jupiter’s adopter returned him, stating that she didn’t have the time to properly address the needs of such an active cat. Following his return, the Behavior team thought it would be best if Jupiter found a home with another cat who could help curb his energy level. In November, he was adopted again and went to a home with a resident cat. Sadly, this wouldn’t be the last time we saw Jupiter—three days later, he was returned. His adopter said that she had unrealistic expectations when it came to Jupiter, and that her resident cat did not respond well to a new cat in their home.

Despite the setbacks, everyone was determined to find Jupiter the perfect home. In January 2017, he went to live with a foster for a short while so he could have some time to adjust to living in a home. In the time that he was gone, we met another shelter transfer named Skylar. Unbeknownst to everyone at the Adoption Center, Skylar was the cat who would soon change Jupiter’s story for the better. 

Skyler in a purple chair

Skylar at the ASPCA Adoption Center.

Once Jupiter returned to the Adoption Center, the Behavior team made the decision to bond him with Skylar. They believed that the pair had personalities and energy levels that were well suited, and that with Skylar by his side, Jupiter would soon find the adopter he’d been searching for.

It turns out, they were absolutely right. A few days later, in February 2017, Deirdre F. came in with her sights set on Jupiter.

Deirdre had spent the last 16 years with two cats, who sadly passed at the end of 2016. Although she had no plans to adopt, a friend convinced Deirdre to check the ASPCA Adoptable Cats page, and that’s when they first spotted Jupiter. Deirdre tells us that she was initially drawn to Jupiter because of his appearance, but also because of his description. She and her friend decided to go to the Adoption Center to meet him, only to be told that he was no longer there.

Deirdre looked at some of the other cats, but tells us “None of them stood out the way Jupiter did.” So she went home and decided to keep an eye on the website, should he return. When Deirdre spotted Jupiter again, this time as half of a bonded pair with Skylar, she was delighted. She went back to the Adoption Center in February and finally met the duo in person. 

Dierdre and Jupiter

Deirdre and Jupiter.

Deirdre tells us that the volunteers helped her to understand what to expect from a cat like Jupiter, and although she says she felt some apprehension in the beginning, she knew that she could give him and Skylar the home and quality of care they needed.

Deirdre then made the adoption official. “It was a good match,” she says. “We adopted each other.” 

Deirdre, Jupiter and Skylar at home.

Deirdre, Jupiter and Skylar at home.

She tells us that she had some concerns about the pair adjusting to her home, but they quickly evaporated after their first night together as a family. “We all just fell in line,” Deirdre says. “The first night, Skylar slept on my head and Jupiter slept on my face. This showed that they felt safe with me, that they could be close.”

Though the duo no longer sleep in the same position, Deirdre tells us that Jupiter and Skylar own the place. Skylar now has his side of the bed, while Jupiter stands guard at the bedroom door at night. “He’s like the feline version of a dog,” she says with a laugh. “And I mean that in the best way.” 

Skyler napping

Skylar enjoying a cat nap.

When asked about Jupiter’s behavioral quirks, Deirdre says that she understands why some may perceive his style as aggressive, but she knows that both Jupiter and Skylar are never mean and simply need plenty of exercise and playtime with each other, and with her.

“If you haven’t had a cat before I can see how people would think that their behavior is mean, but they are just having fun. They’re kind of living the life,” she says. 

jupiter resting

Jupiter, home at last.

Though it was a long journey for Jupiter, his path was meant to cross with Skylar’s and with Deirdre’s. It seems that their journey was written in the stars.