Great News! 61 ASPCA Felines Found Loving Homes on Cat Friday

November 30, 2015

Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving, is known as one of the busiest shopping days of the year, with many retailers opening early to accommodate crowds in search of sales.

But for Jennifer W. and Shareef B. and their two children of the Bronx, New York, Friday was not a day for shopping. Instead, the family visited the ASPCA Adoption Center for its annual Cat Friday event, during which adoption fees for felines of all ages were waived. The family was among dozens of potential adopters who arrived early to give a cat or kitten a new home. They decided on Donald, a 12-week-old grey-and-white kitten whose name they changed to “Friday” in honor of the occasion.

“I’ve never done a Black Friday shopping day; I don’t ever intend to,” says Jennifer, a hospital worker who instead took the day off so she and Shareef could choose a young cat that would grow up with their children, daughter Jordan, 3, and son Junior, 6.

Beth Ann D. and Case H., who live near Manhattan’s Herald Square on the Thanksgiving Day parade route, spent turkey day hunkered down in their apartment and rested up so they could arrive early at the ASPCA on Friday. “We grew up with cats and hope to find one today,” Beth Ann said at the event.

It didn’t take the couple long. They had only looked for a few minutes when a dilute calico beauty named Sonya caught their eyes. A volunteer placed the cat in Case’s arms, and that was that. “We’ll probably be back for another pet in the future,” said Case.

Raoul M. of Manhattan chose a three-month-old black kitten named Nicole. Raoul said his wife and three children were looking forward to having another cat in the house after their previous cats, Blackie and Fluffy, passed away.

Some adopters took home two cats, like Sheila C., whose cat died in April. “It got too quiet in the house,” said Sheila, who adopted Ichigo and Dianne, two 14-week-old kittens.

“What we know about Black Friday is that consumers are primed to acquire something new at a great discount,” said Gail Buchwald, Senior Vice President of the ASPCA Adoption Center. “Our hunch was that, if they are in this mode, then those who may have been thinking of acquiring a pet might be ripe for a deal, too. Our hunch proved correct.”

Susan K.-H., one of many volunteers working on Friday, spoke to many prospective adopters, and found homes for two kittens during her first half hour. Leslie F., a volunteer known as a “cat captain” who trains others to syringe feed kittens, also helped prospective adopters find matches.

But most of the cats sold themselves. Udelia, a tortoiseshell kitten, playfully splashed in her water bowl, while Serengeti, a three-month-old, gray-and-white male, climbed up the front of his cage, showing off his belly.

Karen D. of Brooklyn came looking for a black cat, but a two-month-old grey kitten named Barry stole her heart.

We’re thrilled that so many cats and kittens will spend the holidays in loving homes as a result of this special event. Are you interested in bringing home an adoptable pet of your own? Please visit our Adopt a Pet section to browse available cats and dogs in your area.