Fall Treats You Can Make for Your Furry Friends!

November 1, 2018

a dog licking its lips

Halloween may officially be over, but in case you didn’t have the opportunity to treat your four-legged friend during this candy-coated holiday, we’ve got you covered. Give your pets a tasty snack with our homemade, fall-themed, pup-kin spice biscuits you can make with just a few easy steps.  

dog treat recipe

mixing ingredients

treats being cut out

treats being put in the oven

cooling treats

Bunkie eating a treat

But don’t think we’ve forgotten our feline friends! While cats and kittens don’t appreciate the flavors of fall as much as their canine counterparts, you can still whip up some tasty treats they’ll love using the recipe below. 

cat treat recipe

When cooking for your pets, you’ll want to ensure that any recipe you use contains pet-friendly ingredients and has been approved by a veterinarian. While there can be a lot of misleading and incorrect information found on the Internet, we made sure that our recipes are 100% safe and pet-friendly! The above recipes are ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) and ASPCA veterinarian-approved. For more information on how to keep your pets safe, check out all of the APCC safety lists and download the APCC mobile app for quick information in the palm of your hand.


Treats should be given sparingly in addition to a balanced, vet-approved diet, and not in replacement of regular meals.