Elementary School Students Visit the ASPCA Adoption Center

June 5, 2017

Hunter College Elementary students

Hunter College Elementary students Lawson Davis, Callie Meyer, Benna Schub, Max Larkins, Clara Briggs and Aayush Singhui at the ASPCA Adoption Center.

On May 19, kindergarteners from Hunter College Elementary School in New York City delivered dozens of decorated “cat bags” to the ASPCA, just in time for the kitten season and Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. 

Pupils Callie Meyer, Aayush Singhui, Max Larkins, Lawson Davis, Benna Schub and Clara Briggs, along with instructor Karen Kilbane and Dava Schub, Benna’s mother, were given a tour of the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan by Rena Lafaille, Administrative Manager of the Adoption Center. The bags, recycled brown grocery sacks decorated with colorful artwork, contained messages to ASPCA felines up for adoption, and are intended for the cats to play with. Many cats enjoy burrowing in common household items such as these grocery bags or cardboard boxes “Dear Cat, I hope you get well soon,” and “Dear Cat, I hope you don’t get hungry ever,” were among the heartfelt notes. Some bags also contained cat toys.

Asyush Singhui

Aayush Singhui shows the message on his cat bag.

Callie Meyer shows her cat bag.

Callie Meyer shows her cat bag.

“The students are studying animals, and many have pets of their own,” said Ms. Kilbane. “We’ve also been studying ancient Egypt, the first civilization to have cats.”

During the tour, students visited dogs, puppies and cats available for adoption, and they spent one-on-one time with Victor, a laid-back, attention-loving, 11-year-old grey tabby, who was adopted several days later.

Max Larkins and Callie Meyer pet Victor

Max Larkins and Callie Meyer pet Victor, an 11-year-old cat at the ASPCA.

During kitten season, and all year-round, shelters like the ASPCA Adoption Center rely greatly on donations to provide enrichment for their animals. While monetary donations always help, household items like sheets and towels are usually accepted at most shelters and provide comfy bedding for the resident animals. To find out more about what shelter animals need and how you can help, be sure to visit your local animal shelter’s website! 

Hunter College Elementary School kindergarteners

From left: Hunter College Elementary School kindergarteners Benna Schub, Max Larkins, and Aayush Singhui with Rena Lafaille, Administrative Manager of the Adoption Center and the day’s tour guide.