Election 2018: Huge Wins for Farm Animals and Greyhounds

November 7, 2018

Baby cow

On Election Day yesterday, voters in California and Florida passed critical animal-protection ballot measures that will improve the lives of millions of farm animals and thousands of long-suffering Greyhound dogs.

Californians approved Proposition 12, a measure requiring cage-free housing and more space for factory farmed veal calves, mother pigs and egg-laying hens. Prop 12 further mandates that any veal, pork or eggs produced elsewhere and imported into the state must come from farms meeting these higher-welfare standards.

“From voting at the ballot box to shopping at the supermarket, consumers have played a significant role in demanding more humane food choices by rejecting cruel and unsafe methods still commonplace at industrial-style factory farms,” says Matt Bershadker, President and CEO of the ASPCA. “The passage of Prop 12 will protect countless farm animals from cruelty, and we applaud California voters.”


Photo courtesy of GREY2K USA Worldwide.

In Florida, voters passed Amendment 13 to end Greyhound racing by December 31, 2020, making it the 41st state to ban the cruel practice. There are still 17 dog tracks operating in the U.S., 11 of which are in Florida—where a racing dog dies every three days. The passage of Amendment 13 ensures that thousands of dogs will no longer be forced to race and can be adopted into loving homes.

“Dog racing has declined sharply in recent years as people have become more aware of how this unsporting activity forces dogs to run for their lives, endure extreme confinement, and suffer severe injuries and painful deaths on Florida’s dog tracks,” says Bershadker. “The ASPCA is grateful to Floridians for passing Amendment 13 to finally bring an end to this cruel practice.”

The ASPCA commends voters in California and Florida for fighting back against animal cruelty. Join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade to learn more and be alerted when animals in your state need your help!