Dip Baby, Dip: Perfect Snacks for the Big Game!

January 29, 2024

chips and dips

Super Bowl Sunday® is fast approaching, and with football fans across America watching, the big game comes with big snacking. Did you know, retail sales of dips increase by as much as 33% the week before the Super Bowl®? We’ve shared the connection between game day snacks and the treatment of farm animals, but snackers may forget that many dips rely on dairy products like sour cream and cheese, and may even include meat—all of which come from animals who might not have been raised humanely.

The Super Bowl is a prime time to have an outsized impact on farm animal welfare and signal to your supermarket that shoppers like you don’t want to support CAFOs, also known as factory farms, and are instead looking for more humane options! 

To guide your pre-game shopping, check out our animal welfare-certified and plant-based options in the newly expanded Sauces, Condiments & Dips category in our Shop With Your Heart® Grocery List! 

Did we just hear you say: Dip dip hooray! If you’re looking for ingredients to make your own dips, we’ve got more humane alternatives to get you in the game—both plant-based and animal welfare-certified:

  • Feeling cheesy? We’ve got a whole section of higher-welfare cheeses! These include Animal Welfare Approved options like pasture-raised cow’s milk cheddar from Truly Grass Fed™, and spreadable sheep’s milk cheese in flavors like rosemary and garlic herb from Green Dirt Farm®. There are also dairy-free products, like plant-based cheese from Boursin® and smoked gouda and ghost pepper jack-style cheeses from the Uncreamery
  • Want to turn up the heat? If you’re going plant-based, Good Foods™ has a Buffalo-style dip that will pair perfectly with crispy celery and fresh veggies! If you are adding chicken as an ingredient, sourcing higher-welfare chicken is important, especially a slower-growing breed like ButcherBox® Heirloom pasture-raised chicken, which is certified by Global Animal Partnership. Why is a chicken’s breed important? The breed used in their Heirloom chicken products grows at a more natural rate, avoiding the poor welfare and health of the industry’s standard Cornish Cross birds, sometimes referred to as “Frankenchickens” due to their genetically disproportionate and damaging growth rates.
  • Going creamy? Choose mayonnaise options from Sir Kensington’s and Primal Kitchen® that are kinder to egg-laying hens, as they use Certified Humane® cage-free egg ingredients. It’s okay to double dip! Both of these brands have plant-based mayo options, too! There are also many dairy-free sour creams by brands like Follow Your Heart® and Forager Project®.
  • Baking up some bacon dip? North Country Smokehouse’s uncured bacon products are Certified Humane, as are all of Niman Ranch’s pork products. Seeking the bacon flavor without the meat? Bac-No-Naise mayo from Wicked Kitchen™ can do the trick or choose hickory “bacon” from the Herbivorous Butcher.
  • Punt for plant-based! Vegan dips like hummus, guacamole and baba ganoush (without dairy) always deliver, too.

No matter which team wins, you can do the Griddy or any celebration dance when you score a touchdown for animals with your Super Bowl spread. And whatever you eat, you can go long for animals on game day and every day. Sign up for our Factory Farming Task Force to learn more about plant-based swaps and how to find more humane foods at the supermarket.