Skip the Checkout Line: Online Retailers Delivering More Humane Groceries to Your Door

June 28, 2024

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Americans are shopping online for groceries more than ever before and many are seeking out more humane products when food shopping. If you shop online and are searching for food that aligns with your values, you can find farms and brands that ship animal welfare certified meats nationwide as well as plant-based delivery options that range from meal planning to fully prepared meals.  Here are just a few higher-welfare delivery options that make it easy to shop better:

We announced earlier this year that ButcherBox was the first meat subscription service offering chicken from farms that use higher-welfare, healthier, slower-growing breeds. It’s still currently the only meat subscription service to offer this kind of chicken. This is important, as about 98% of the chicken industry raises unnaturally fast-growing chicken breeds, which are scientifically proven to have more difficulty walking and have higher risk of injuries such as muscle damage and open sores on their feet and legs. Look for the heirloom pasture-raised Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.) Step 4 Better Chicken Project certified chicken — you can find it offered in Butcher Box’s custom box.

In addition to these chicken products, ButcherBox offers grass-fed beef, crate-free pork, turkey and bison, all of which carry meaningful animal welfare certifications that are recognized by our ASPCA Shop With Your Heart program. 

LaBelle Patrimoine®
If you live in the Eastern U.S. or Midwest region, you may also be able to order higher-welfare chicken straight to your door from LaBelle Patrimoine’s farms located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Chickens that bear the G.A.P. Step 4 Better Chicken Project logo are healthier, slower-growing breeds fully raised on pasture.

Home Place Pastures
This farm based in Como, Mississippi, raises pigs and beef cattle in the great outdoors, is verified by Certified Humane® and ships nationwide. Home Place Pastures is unique in processing its animals on-farm, meaning none of the animals have to ensure the stress of transport. 

Joyce Farms
This collective of farms located in the Carolinas and Georgia offers nationwide shipments of pasture-raised chicken through their Poulet Rouge® line, as well as grass-fed beef. Both have obtained Step 4 welfare certification from G.A.P., which means animals are given continuous access to pasture, and beef cattle are never placed on feedlots. 

Thrive Market
Thrive Market is a one-stop shop subscription service for higher welfare meat and plant-based alternatives. This grocery delivery service offers a variety of G.A.P. animal welfare certified meat under their Thrive Market brand, including chicken options that range from indoor enriched environments to pasture-raised, as well as crate-free pork and grass-fed beef. They also sell G.A.P. certified turkey and chicken from Mary’s and grass-fed Certified Humane beef from First Light Farms

Thrive Market also sells a wide array of plant-based meat substitutes that you can include in your order. Their filters allow you to shop by diet, so you can find plant-based brands like Daring “chicken,” Actual Veggies burgers, RollinGreens M’eat and Thive Market brand ready-to-eat meals using Beyond Meat®

White Oak Pastures
This pasture-based farm in Bluffton, Georgia has earned the Certified Humane distinction for its chicken, turkey, pork, lamb and goat products as well as its grass-fed beef, all of which they ship across the country. 

Plant-based meals, straight to your door
If you don’t eat animal products or are looking to reduce meat consumption, there are delivery services with menu planning and preparation including BoyceMode® and Purple Carrot®. Fully prepared plant-based meals can be ordered from Veestro™ and Vegin’Out.

No matter what you eat, you can help transform our food system by supporting more humane farms and businesses. The latest plant-based substitutes and welfare certified animal products can be found on our Shop With Your Heart Grocery List, and this list can be shared with your family and friends. 

For more resources like this, sign up for our Factory Farming Task Force, and help us build a food system that is better for animals, farmers and shoppers alike.