This Cute Cat Is Ready to Scamper into Your Life!

November 13, 2023


Do you have a calm, quiet home in the tri-state area with a cat-shaped hole in it? This kitty would love to snuggle into that space—meet Scamper!

Scamper is a cat who knows what he wants in life: a mouse toy to chase and a comfy nook to curl up in! He is an independent, sensitive guy who is still learning about how nice it is to be pet. In his foster home, with some time and patience, he has settled in nicely and is doing very well with everyone in the family, including their resident cat!

Scamper at his foster

While he has progressed by leaps and bounds while in our care, Scamper does prefer attention on his own terms. Because Scamper is so confident in himself, he is not shy about letting his human friends know when he’d like some purr-sonal space. Scamper loves cozy, tranquil spots where he can chase his favorite toys and dream his kitty dreams.

When transitioning Scamper into your home, it’s best to use a slow approach and avoid forced interactions with him. He would likely do best in a quiet home with teens and up. Scamper has previously lived with other cats. A Matchmaker can give you tips to help set Scamper up for success in your home!  

If you’d like to open your doors to this handsome New York City-based cat, scamper on over to his profile and submit an application!

Scamper at his foster