From Cruelty Case to King of the Castle: Luke’s Real-Life Fairytale

December 27, 2018


Living a New York City lifestyle, Chris W. came to the ASPCA Adoption Center in April 2018, looking to find a new four-legged roommate who would make a good fit for apartment living and his busy schedule. As a child, he had considered himself more of a “dog person.” However, being realistic, Chris knew that his routine was not well suited for a dog, who typically needs much more attention than a kitty. Looking around the Adoption Center at some potential feline family members, Chris was then introduced to Creamsicle. 

“I always worried a cat might be too standoffish,” Chris confided in us. “But after I met with Creamsicle I could tell he was a playful, sweet and funny little guy.”


A Crowded History

In March 2018, Creamsicle was brought to the ASPCA by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) after being rescued from an overcrowded home in Queens, New York, along with 81 other cats. At the ASPCA, Creamsicle was given proper medical treatment and behavioral care and was soon on the search for a new, loving home where he could let his true personality shine for that special someone.


Getting Comfortable

On his first night in his new home, Creamsicle—now named Luke—was slightly nervous and did plenty of exploring. He certainly found all the hiding spots in Chris’ bedroom.

“I was really worried he had somehow escaped,” recalls Chris. “I literally could not find him multiple times that first night!” 

After a somewhat stressful start, over the next few days Chris slowly allowed Luke to access more of the apartment outside of his bedroom. Little by little, Luke became more comfortable with his surroundings, his new home and his new life. Luke’s love for his pet parent is obvious, and you can often find him following Chris around. 

“Now he prances, runs around and lies down all over the place knowing that he is basically the king of the castle,” says Chris. “If I make a sandwich or a meal, he's quick to jump on top of the refrigerator or garbage can to make sure he knows exactly what's going on.”

Luke also loves playtime now and is spoiled with plenty of toys to choose from. Unusual for a cat, Luke loves to play fetch—just like the dog Chris once wanted!

“He'll bring me a toy mouse or a wand, or some other toy and he will just run and run and run after it for as long as I'm willing to play with him. Or until he tires out,” says Chris.


A Positive Choice

Though he is far from his overcrowded beginnings, Luke still has a reminder of his past. While at the Adoption Center, it was discovered that Luke was Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) positive. FeLV is a virus that affects that immune system. FeLV positive cats have a chance for multiple outcomes and we continue to learn more about this virus every day. While Luke may not have the best prognosis, he still has plenty of love to give and an inspiring zest for life.

 “Luke has an immune disorder that may shorten his lifespan, but he is loving his little life,” Chris says. “And if it's shorter than average, I'll be happy knowing he had a good life while it lasted—and hopefully he'll beat the odds. There are so many animals that need a good, happy and comfortable home. I'm so glad he's having a good time, and whatever happens, I know he's having a blast.”