Clint’s Second Chance: A Story Twelve Years in the Making

February 28, 2018


Over a decade ago, we first met Clint. The handsome cat first came to the ASPCA in 2005, after being surrendered by his pet parent, who sadly felt as though she could no longer care for him. The sweet, sensitive cat’s arrival marked the beginning of what would be a long journey toward a loving home. Though Clint was adopted in October 2006, his story with us wouldn’t end there. 

In June 2017, nearly 12 years later, Clint came back to the ASPCA. He was transferred to the ASPCA Adoption Center from a local Animal Care Center after being surrendered by his adopter—again. Though we were saddened to hear that Clint was once again surrendered to a shelter, we hoped that for the now senior cat, the second time would be the charm. 


Fortunately for Clint, that hope became a reality just a few months after his return. Deborah C., an ASPCA volunteer, spotted the orange tabby cat while he was having an afternoon snooze one day, and she tells us that in that moment, she knew he was the one for her. “He was all curled up asleep and looked like he needed to come home with me,” she says.

On September 1, 2017, Deborah made the adoption official, giving Clint the second chance he needed. Deborah tells us that it took no time for Clint to make himself at home. On his first day in his new environment, Deborah put Clint’s carrier in the bathroom so that he could slowly come out and adjust. However, Clint didn’t need to ease into his new home, he was ready to dive in head first!

Clint on a bed

“He walked out of the carrier, left the bathroom and went and laid down in the middle of the living room,” Deborah tells us. It’s almost as if Clint knew that his new home was exactly where he was meant to be. 

According to Deborah, Clint runs the house. The sassy senior lies anywhere he feels comfortable and loves entertaining guests when the chance arises. It seems as though he's found the perfect place to live out his golden years. 

Clint resting on the floor

Clint’s story shows us that no matter how long the journey, no matter what age, there is always hope for a happy ending. For every animal like Clint, there is an adopter like Deborah, waiting in the wings. Sometimes, you just have to wait for the timing to be just right. 

You can create a Happy Tail just like Deborah and Clint’s by adopting an animal from the ASPCA Adoption Center today! Not in the Tri-State area? Find your furry friend at a shelter near you!