Cleopatra’s New Kingdom: How She Went from Shelter Cat to Beloved Pet

February 14, 2018


In early November 2017, several cats were brought to the ASPCA from an overcrowded living situation. Of these cats was Teteka, a small, one-year-old tabby cat with a sweet yet shy demeanor. Luckily, Teteka’s slight apprehension around humans was her biggest concern, and her overall health was good. Once she underwent her spay surgery, Teteka was ready to begin her journey toward a loving home. 

After she arrived at the ASPCA Adoption Center, it wasn’t long before the sweet tabby caught someone’s eye. Kate B. had never been to the Adoption Center before, but in November she’d decided that she was finally ready to bring a four-legged friend into her life, so she made her first trip to the ASPCA. She’d decided that a feline friend would fit her lifestyle best. 

As she toured the Adoption Center, Kate noticed sweet Teteka. Kate tells us that she thought Teteka was “cute and soft with great markings.” And when Kate went back to see Teteka once more, the sweet cat went straight up to her, looking for affection. In that moment, Kate knew that Teteka was “the one” for her.

Teteke resting on a pillowTeteke resting on a scratching board

Kate made the adoption official just before the end of November, and gave Teteka a brand new name—Cleopatra, or Cleo, for short. After first bringing Cleo home, Kate tells us that the young cat was apprehensive of the change of scenery at first. “She was skittish but sweet,” Kate says. 

Since then, Cleo has had time to acclimate herself to her new home. “She has adjusted to my routine,” Kate says. “We now have a routine.” Kate also adds that while their bond is strengthening, and Cleo has become very playful, she is still earning Cleo’s trust. 

Though Cleo’s ability to trust more and more may take time, she and Kate are enjoying their new life together as a family. Cleo is finally in a place where she has found the love, patience and attention she’d been waiting for. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome for the sweet cat. 

When asked what advice she would have for people considering adopting a shelter cat, Kate had this to say: “Be patient, kind, loving. Wait until the cat is ready.” She also added that you should be prepared to cancel a lot of social plans, as your new furry family member may require most (if not all) of your attention—and snuggles.  

You can create a Happy Tail just like Kate and Cleo’s by adopting an animal from the ASPCA Adoption Center today! Not in the Tri-State area? Find your furry friend at a shelter near you