Cincinnati Public Schools Adopts Good Food Purchasing Program

January 30, 2019


On January 28, Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) took a huge step toward protecting farm animals when its Board of Directors voted to adopt the Good Food Purchasing Program (GFPP), which the ASPCA actively supports in cities across the country.

This food-sourcing program promotes food that is more humane, fairer to workers, safer for the environment, more nutritious and locally sourced. GFPP’s animal welfare component requires participating institutions to source a designated percentage of meat, milk and eggs from higher-welfare farms and/or reduce overall consumption of these products, thereby vastly improving the lives of millions of animals.

The ASPCA strongly supported Cincinnati Public Schools’ adoption of GFPP through written and oral testimony presented at multiple hearings. In addition, we have partnered with the grassroots campaign behind this effort since 2016, serving as the leading voice at the table for animal welfare interests. The ASPCA will continue to work with a coalition of local and national health, farming, environmental, education and fair labor organizations to pursue next steps as CPS drafts and implements the formal policy language.

The ASPCA commends CPS for setting higher welfare standards for the community and ensuring that its students have access to food that is better for everyone, including animals. We look forward to a continued partnership with the local campaign as this exciting policy takes shape. Be sure to join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade to learn how you can get involved in promoting the Good Food Purchasing Program in your city!