Celebrity Dog Dads and Why We Love Them

June 15, 2018

Eric McCormack, Finn and Scruffy

You don’t have to be the parent of a human to earn your spot in the Father’s Day festivities—dog dads count, too! And with the holiday coming up this Sunday, June 17, we thought it was about time to celebrate our favorite things about dog dads.

Raising a pup takes commitment, but nothing brings out a man’s hunkiness like an adorable, devoted dog by his side. Research shows that men with dogs are often perceived to be more approachable, social and attractive (read: hot). But we already knew that! More importantly, dog dads deserve serious recognition when it comes to caring for and bonding with their pooches.

Call the Pup-arazzi

Every puppy parent deserves to be treated like a celebrity, but no one has it figured out like dog dad and human dad Eric McCormack. Not only does he adore animals, he’s even more of a hero—and heartthrob—because he always makes sure to adopt his pets:

“We’ve had dogs, all rescues, since the day [my son] Finn was born,” said McCormack. “He’s never known a life without them, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, he named Scruffy himself nine years ago! I pitched something less on-the-nose, but wasn’t about to argue with a happy six-year-old.”

McCormack is not the only one choosing to save animals in need. Check out a gallery of the pack of swoon-worthy celebrity dog dads who all rescued their pups:


Lazy afternoons

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Best blanket ever.

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Just me and @pipthepup and some technicolor poofs.

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We’re wishing these father-dog duos a happy Father’s Day! Thank you for taking care of your pups all year long.

Looking to Become a Dog Dad?

When you’re ready to add a four-legged friend to your pack, we urge you to please choose love. That means adopting or rescuing a dog instead of supporting the cruel breeding that goes into pet stores and online puppy sales. Find out more about how you can save a life and add a delightful dog to your family here.