Celebrating an Amazing Year of Happy Tails

December 31, 2014

Celebrating an Amazing Year of Happy Tails

At the ASPCA, animal adoptions are at the heart of what we do. There is no better feeling than rescuing an animal from abuse, neglect or cruelty and helping them find the forever home they deserve. We work 365 days a year to create these “Happy Tails,” and in 2014, our New York City Adoption Center helped over 3,500 animals find loving families.

To celebrate these new beginnings, we’re taking a look back at the year’s ten most popular Happy Tails. These were the most read, most shared adoption stories of the year, and we are so thrilled to celebrate them here today:

I Got You Babe: Cher's Happy Tail

Cher was abused, shoved into a garbage bag and abandoned in a grocery store parking lot. After the ASPCA rescued her, our long-time volunteer Susan H. decided to give her the forever home she deserved. Now she spends her days happy, playing, and, most importantly, loved.

Love at First Belly Rub: Escher's Happy Tail

After being rescued from mysterious circumstances, Shepherd/Collie mix Escher was shy, fearful and very wary of humans. But an ASPCA photographer recognized that underneath the pain, this timid dog was eager to love and be loved. Now he is thriving in his new home.

A Boost from Brewster

Brewster the pit bull was rescued from an abusive situation. Though he was timid and nervous around people, he and Joshua connected right away. Joshua adopted him, and these two best friends now spend their days at the dog park, running, playing and exploring their neighborhood.

Foster Kitten Becomes a Forever Pet

Leia was underweight and very tiny when Emily took her in as a foster. After syringe-feeding the sweet kitty for two weeks, Emily realized that she had stolen her heart. Leia is now happy, healthy and loving life in her forever home.

Blue's Story

When Vivian adopted Blue, she knew nothing of the horrors the nine-month-old pup had endured at the hands of dog fighters. One of 77 dogs rescued in a multi-state dog fighting raid, Blue refused to be defined by his past. He now spends his days snuggling with Vivian, going for car rides and enjoying delicious home cooking.

The Roomie Bunch

Hunan and Adore were found as strays, and both were suffering from serious eye damage. They were adopted by two roommates who quickly learned that when you combine one home, two friends and countless whiskers, you can create one big loving family!

Domingo the King

When a Vet Tech at the ASPCA Animal Hospital met a pit bull named Domingo, she thought he was just another one of her patients. But months of working with the traumatized dog brought him out of his shell and he slowly won her heart. Now, Domingo is living a life fit for a king in Alaina's home.

Soulful Seymour

When Seymour arrived at the ASPCA, we could tell that he had been through a lot. Timid and shy with a face full of scars, this 70-lb. Catahoula Leopard mix needed a special adopter to bring him out of his shell. Fortunately, that perfect person came along—and our gentle giant found his perfect forever home.

King Gets the Royal Treatment

Many of you followed the story of King, the one-year-old cat who was shown being brutally kicked in an online video. After recovering at the ASPCA Animal Hospital, King was adopted and is now getting the "royal treatment" in his new home.

A Dog Worth Waiting For

Spike the pit bull has been through a lot. Rescued from horrific abuse and rehabilitated at the ASPCA, he waited two years for a forever home. Finally, on Christmas Eve 2013, two brothers showed up to adopt him. Spike now spends his days at their racing shop in New Jersey. He spends his nights in their warm, loving home.