The ASPCA & Subaru Loves Pets Grant Program Helps Find Homes for “Underdogs” Nationwide

November 12, 2021

Scott adopted Bruno at an adoption event hosted by The NOAH Center and Dwayne Lane’s Skagit Subaru.

We teamed up with Subaru of America, Inc. once again to help animals in need across the country, with a focus on supporting shelter dogs with special needs—lovingly called the “Underdogs.”

The 2021 ASPCA & Subaru Loves Pets Grant Program distributed $592,290 to 154 animal welfare organizations across 42 states and Washington, D.C. The grant funding supported a variety of pet events (virtual or in-person, as permitted) in partnership with local Subaru retailers. In addition to adoptions, many of these events provided critical services for animals in need, including microchipping, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries and more.

Photo courtesy of the Animal Defense League of Texas.

"We are so grateful for this program and to our partners at Subaru and the ASPCA!” said Kathy Maxwell, Executive Director of Helping Hands Humane Society. “We always love working with our local Subaru dealer, Briggs Subaru, on a regular basis but to do something of this scale with Subaru Loves Pets is a wonderful opportunity for all of our pets in need at Helping Hands Humane Society!"

Pet events took place throughout the month of October in honor of Subaru Loves Pets Month and collectively impacted thousands of animals in need, like Bambi who was the longest-term resident at Humane Educational Society (HES) before finding a loving home during their event last month. In June of 2020, Bambi arrived at the shelter severely injured and emaciated. After six months of recovery and rehabilitation, she was sent to a foster home where she learned to trust people and live a happy dog life full of love, treats and playtime.

A year and a half after she entered the shelter, Bambi found her perfect match during HES’s event in partnership with Crown Subaru. HES staff members were surprised that it took so long but her new pet parent knew it was because “she was meant to be my dog.”

Bambi when she entered the shelter

Bambi when she was ready to find a loving home.

Bambi is just one of many “happy tails” (or adoption stories) that exemplifies how the grant funding provided by the ASPCA and Subaru of America, Inc. helps make a difference for animals in need. Partnering with local Subaru retailers introduces adoptable animals to a wider audience than they might experience otherwise, which can help animal welfare organizations place adoptable pets in homes more quickly. Kismet was one of those lucky pups, who was rescued from an overcrowding situation and transported to SpokAnimal in September.

“Kismet is the ultimate Subaru Underdog. This 8.5 lb. eight-year-old arrived in rough shape,” said Dori Peck, Executive Director of SpokAnimal, who partnered with Subaru of Spokane to host an adoption event in early October. She explained that Kismet suffered from dental disease, an ear infection, and alopecia, which resulted in significant hair loss.

“Given his fragile state, Kismet received tender loving care in a foster home where he could decompress,” Dori continued. “Later, he received an extensive dental at SpokAnimal’s clinic, made possible through ASPCA grant funding. Within a few weeks, Kismet's hair started growing back—just in time for the ASPCA & Subaru Loves Pets Adoption Event! While Kismet didn’t get adopted at the event, it did give him exposure that led to a word-of-mouth referral, which resulted in his adoption a few days later! We're thrilled to report that Kismet has found a forever home…and continues to grow fur because he’s finally happy!”

Kismet pictured with his foster parent.

This grant program was made possible as a result of the ASPCA’s participation in the 2020 Subaru Share the Love® Event. We look forward to participating again in the upcoming 2021 Subaru Share the Love Event beginning on November 18, so we can continue to find even more loving homes for animals in need across the country.

"This is our fifth year having our fee-waived cat adoption event made possible by the grant from Subaru and the ASPCA, and we look forward to it every year,” said Deborah Warner, Shelter Manager at Pets Come First. “It is wonderful to have so many cats find their new homes during this time and rewarding to see how excited their new families are as well! We truly appreciate the support that this grant provides!"

Pippa receives a treat from a volunteer at an adoption event hosted by the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in partnership with Flatirons Subaru.

Here are a few more lucky adopters who found furry companions as a result of the ASPCA & Subaru Loves Pets Grant Program. 

SPCA Serving Erie County hosted a spay/neuter-a-thon to prepare animals for their adoption event (pictured left). Their adoption event in partnership with Northtown Subaru found homes for a total of 60 animals, including this adorable pup (pictured right).

A total of 23 cats and 7 dogs found loving homes at an adoption event co-hosted by Kitsap Humane Society and Peninsula Subaru.
Pumpkin Spice was displaced by Hurricane Ida and transported to the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin, where she found a loving home (pictured left). This lucky family also adopted a furry companion at an event hosted by the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin in partnership with Janesville Subaru (pictured right).
Rene (left) is an employee at North Park Subaru and is one of 75 families who adopted a pet at the retailer’s adoption event in partnership with the Animal Defense League of Texas.