ASPCA Honors NYPD Officers and Assistant District Attorney at Third Annual Appreciation Luncheon

December 14, 2017

NYPD Luncheon

On Tuesday, December 12, the ASPCA took time for a special celebration to honor 16 members of the New York City Police Department (NYPD), and one Assistant District Attorney for their tireless efforts in helping animals in New York City. 

The annual luncheon, held at the ASPCA Adoption Center, celebrated our NYPD Partnership and recognized those who have played critical roles in preventing, investigating and prosecuting cases of animal cruelty and neglect in 2017—roles like that of Deputy Chief James Luongo, whose commitment to this partnership has elevated the issue of animal welfare for all members of the NYPD; Detective Walter Brant, who is an NYPD Community Affairs Officer and has consistently worked to engage the public with the ASPCA’s message through community events like National Night Out; Police Officer Danielle Venuto, whose work and dedication to animal welfare has extended to the rescue and successful placement of dozens of dogs; or Detectives Matthew Edelman and Jonathan Kalman, who saw a Facebook® video of animal cruelty and took immediate action that resulted in the arrest of a perpetrator and saved the life of a cat named Chester. 

“The 17 men and women we’re honoring today were champions this year for animals across New York City,” said Howard Lawrence, Vice President of ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement (HLE). “They helped engage their colleagues and citizens in concrete ways to combat animal cruelty and were instrumental in building more actively engaged, safe and humane communities.” 

Howard Lawrence with Deputy Chief James Luongo.Howard presenting Police Officer Danielle Venuto with her award

Left: Howard Lawrence with Deputy Chief James Luongo. Right: Howard presenting Police Officer Danielle Venuto with her award

NYPD Community Affairs Officer Walter Brant accepts his award.Howard poses with Detectives Matthew Edelman and Jonathan Kalman

Left: NYPD Community Affairs Officer Walter Brant accepts his award. Right: Howard poses with Detectives Matthew Edelman and Jonathan Kalman

The above are just a few of the men and women we honored on Tuesday. Please join us in congratulating—and thanking—all of the honorees:

  • Deputy Chief James Luongo, Special Investigations Division
  • Deputy Chief Donna Jones, Executive Officer, Patrol Borough Staten Island
  • Deputy Inspector Kelly Kilfeather, Police Academy
  • Sergeant Michael Murphy, Animal Cruelty Investigation Squad
  • Sergeant Brendan McGuigan, 47th Precinct
  • Sergeant Wendell Seymour, Patrol Borough Queens North
  • Detective John Glynn, Animal Cruelty Investigation Squad
  • Detective Charles Cadiz, Animal Cruelty Investigation Squad     
  • Detective Marique Monzert, 105th Precinct 
  • Detective Walter Brant, Police Service Area 2
  • Detective Matthew Edelman, Staten Island Gang Squad 
  • Detective Jonathan Kalman, Staten Island Gang Squad 
  • Police Officer Earl Rochester, 67th Precinct 
  • Police Officer Danielle Venuto, 9th Precinct
  • Police Officer Judy Biondolillo, 23rd Precinct
  • Police Officer Catherine H. Klyde, School Safety Division
  • Assistant District Attorney Karen Turner, Kings County District Attorney’s Office

Launched in January 2014, the NYPD and ASPCA citywide partnership continues to have a considerable positive impact for New York City’s vulnerable animals. Since its launch, more than 2,500 animals have been treated through the partnership.