ASPCA Happy Tails: Mineola Meets Michele

January 20, 2016

It can only be described as “fate” when an adopter and an animal meet at the ideal moment. Such was the case with Mineola, a striking, long-haired orange tabby, who found the perfect person while on his very first trip out in the ASPCA Mobile Adoption vehicle. He went home that same day, and he’s never looked back! Here is his story.

ASPCA Happy Tails: Mineola Meets Michele

Mineola was born during the height of kitten season in 2015, and he arrived at the ASPCA at just three months old. A Good Samaritan in Queens had found the tiny baby as a stray and brought him in to receive our care. At the ASPCA Animal Hospital, Mineola tested positive for roundworms, which is a common intestinal parasite found in cats and kittens. We placed him on a treatment regimen and within a few days, he was feeling healthy enough to take a trip out in the ASPCA’s Mobile Adoption Center. It was there that he met Michele.

Michele’s beloved older cat, Chanel, was adopted from the ASPCA in 2005, and Michele was mourning his passing from renal failure in September. She began to consider bringing home a new feline companion, stating, “We have another rescue cat, Zachy, who is nine years old and seemed to be lonely missing Chanel.”

Michele was walking down the street when she spotted Mineola through the window of the Mobile Adoption center. “I was immediately drawn to the little fuzzy kitten,” she recalls. She decided to go into the van to meet him, and sure enough, her instincts were correct. “When I got the chance to play with him and hold him, I felt a big connection. I felt his playful but calm disposition would fit in well in our household and get along with Zachy.” She adopted Mineola that same day and changed his name to Finny.

“Within days, Finny was allowed full run of the apartment and fit in completely,” Michele reported proudly after the adoption. “Both cats get along, Finny is well behaved and extremely intelligent. He is very playful but also the most affectionate cat we’ve ever met. We’re all in love with him.”

We are thrilled that with both Chanel and Finny, Michele has had such success adopting from the ASPCA. In fact, she has declared her lifelong loyalty, stating, “We vow to only adopt from the ASPCA. We are so happy with our adoption and the whole process was wonderful.  Thank you all for your help and for all the care you give to these wonderful pets.”

We say thanks to Michele for opening her home to so many animals in need—and congrats to Finny for being in the perfect place at the perfect time! 

ASPCA Happy Tails: Mineola Meets Michele