ASPCA Happy Tails: Lucky Lucas

February 18, 2015

Whether you believe in luck or in fate, one thing is certain: Lucas the cat has both on his side. Rescued at the last minute from a perilous situation, he survived and went on to live a charmed life in the home of an ASPCA staffer. Here is this heroic cat’s very Happy Tail.

ASPCA Happy Tails: Lucky Lucas

On a warm day last June, a New York City Transit (MTA) worker heard mewing on the subway train tracks.  Just north of 155th Street on the D line, he found a cat, now named Lucas, huddled under the electrified third rail. Fresh burns and wounds covered the kitty’s 9-lb. body, so the MTA worker rushed him to the ASPCA Animal Hospital. One of his ears had been burned off almost completely; the other was in tattered pieces.

At the hospital, Lucas underwent multiple surgeries and was placed on an eight-week regimen of painkillers and antibiotics to help ease his suffering and heal his skin. It was during his recovery that he met Rena L., a manager at the ASPCA Adoption Center.

Rena, who has been with the ASPCA since 2012, is no stranger to unique animals. In 2013, she adopted another earless kitty named Kylie who was also a burn victim.  Her dog Jin had been abandoned in the subway with his mother and littermate. When she heard about Lucas, she knew they had to meet.

Injured cat with bandages at ASPCA Animal Hospital

“I went to see him and he was all bandaged up,” she recalls. “I decided to foster him because I knew he needed time to heal.”  She took Lucas home to her family, which already included a Beagle (Maya), a Chihuahua (Jin), and three cats (Kylie, Gizmo and Cleo). Though Lucas was instantly drawn to Rena’s older cats, it was clear that home life was an unfamiliar experience for the three-year-old newcomer. “Lucas must have been on the streets for a while,” Rena speculates. “I don’t think he had ever known a hug or how it feels to be held.”

Despite the newness of the situation—including daily medication and wound cleaning—it didn’t take long before the former street-cat grew more comfortable in Rena’s home. But it was Rena’s husband, Fabien, who first fell in love. “Lucas is a ‘guy’s cat,’” Rena laughs. “He’s a rough player, but once you have him in your arms he’s like a little baby.” After a few weeks of fostering, they knew he was destined to become a permanent member of their family. In September, he was officially adopted.

Young couple sitting on couch with cats and dog

After his adoption, Lucas seemed eager to leave his painful past behind. Rena says, “He is full of energy and very mischievous—he is the Alpha to our cats for sure.” When he’s not busy playing or indulging in hijinks, he’s off looking for ways to sneak a snack and satisfy his big appetite. But despite his big personality, she adds, “He’s become a very loving cat who will easily fall asleep in your arms.”

Though Rena is the first to admit that she is a “foster failure,” she wouldn’t change a thing about her animal-filled apartment. “Fostering these special needs animals makes me realize that everyone really deserves a second chance. They really turn around when they’re in a home environment.” As for Lucas, she adds, “We’re at a perfect balance with the number of pets we have. Our home just wouldn’t be the same without him.”

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Black and white earless cat