ASPCA Happy Tails: After Being Crushed by a Car, K.C. Recovers with a Little TLC

November 4, 2015

One of the “occupational hazards” of working at the ASPCA is that it’s difficult not to fall for each and every pet we meet. From kittens to canines, these animals consistently move and inspire us with their strength, resilience and loving spirits—but sometimes, we connect with one so completely that they become part of our lives forever. Such was the case with ASPCA Vet Tech Jennifer Doyle and her newly-adopted Chihuahua Mix, K.C. Here is their Happy Tail.

At the age of four months, K.C. was hit by a car and severely injured. Sadly, her owners were unable to afford the tiny puppy’s necessary medical care, so they surrendered her to the local city shelter. The shelter realized that she needed considerable medical treatment and sent K.C. to the ASPCA.

At the ASPCA Animal Hospital, Director of Surgery Dr. J’mai Gayle examined K.C. and noted that she had severe pelvic and leg fractures, along with neurological deficits associated with her injuries. “She was in significant discomfort,” Dr. Gayle said. At the time, K.C. weighed less than five pounds.

During K.C.’s two-week stay in the hospital, Dr. Gayle surgically repaired her fractured bones using plates, screws and wires. The petite pup also received medication to help ease her pain. “Despite all of her injuries, this little dog never offered to bite and was willing to accept all treatments without any hassle,” Dr. Gayle said.  But K.C.’s stay in the hospital included more than medical treatment—it also led to her very first meeting with Jennifer.

As a Veterinary Technician at the ASPCA, Jennifer had daily contact with K.C. during her treatment and recovery. When it became clear that K.C. would need ample physical therapy, Jennifer offered to bring her home as a foster. “It’s a miracle this dog survived,” she recalls. “She could not stand or really walk when I brought her home.”

K.C. spent the next two-and-a-half months in Jennifer’s home, where ongoing physical therapy enabled her to make an almost complete recovery. “With a lot of TLC and care, she was standing and attempting to walk a week later,” Jennifer said proudly. But when it came time for K.C. to be placed up for adoption, Jennifer found that the sweet dog had stolen her heart. “At the end of her foster, I could not bring myself to return her. I had fallen in love, and so had Maggie, my Puggle.”

Jennifer changed K.C.’s name to Bonnie, and says she is thriving in her new home. And although Jennifer is her permanent mom, Bonnie will always hold a special place in Dr. Gayle’s heart, too. During Bonnie’s recent visit to the ASPCA Hospital, Dr. Gayle was thrilled to see how far she had come. “This little girl is now a very happy dog!” she beamed.

Congratulations to Bonnie—we wish you a lifetime of happiness!