The ASPCA and Maddie’s Fund®

March 28, 2016


The ASPCA would like to recognize a generous grant made by Maddie’s Fund® in 2015. This grant will contribute to the ASPCA’s important work and will support our efforts to help at-risk animals in New York City in particular by helping to offset expenses in two key areas. The Maddie’s Fund grant will:

  • Support the intake of over 4,000 animals this year, a large percentage of which are cats from New York City Animal Care Centers (NYC ACC). In addition to adult cats from ACC, we aim to take in up to 2,000 kittens from ACC to receive care at our kitten nursery as part of our life-saving initiative.
  • Help to subsidize the cost of care for 3,800-4,000 animals in 2016, from admission to adoption. 

The costs associated with these efforts include transport, medical care, foster provisions, behavioral rehabilitation, food, husbandry and other supplies such as collars, microchips and carriers. Offsetting these costs directly supports and perpetuates our organization’s life-saving goals to admit at-risk animals, provide for their medical and behavioral needs and on-going care in preparation for their adoption. The ASPCA extends its sincere gratitude for the contribution from Maddie’s Fund®.