Announcing "31 Days of Rescue"!

December 1, 2014

Although there is still one month to go, we can safely say that 2014 has been a banner year for the ASPCA. We opened a new facility in Los Angeles, granted over $13 million to local shelters and animal welfare groups around the country, and helped pass crucial legislation in the fight against animal cruelty. But among our many accomplishments, there is one thing that we are most excited to share: adoption stories.

Helping abused and neglected animals find loving homes is at the heart of what we do. This year alone, our New York City Adoption Center helped find homes for over 3,300 animals, 300 of whom were victims of cruelty. And a home for these animals is more than just a warm bed or bowl of food—it’s a second chance at life.

To celebrate these happy new beginnings, we’ll be sharing 31 of our favorite Happy Tails from 2014 throughout the month of December. Every day, we’ll feature the story of an animal who has overcome cruelty or neglect and gone on to become a loving family pet.

To enjoy all “31 Days of Rescue,” simply follow the ASPCA on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for daily updates. You can also follow the hashtag #31DaysOfRescue.

Though their pasts may have been painful, each of these 31 animals has found the “forever home” that they truly deserve—and to us, that is the Happiest Tail of all.

To help make more Happy Tails, please consider making a donation to the ASPCA today.