Announcing the 2019 ASPCA Calendar Cover Star!

May 24, 2018


Every year, we choose one adorable furry face to grace the cover of our ASPCA calendar. This special cover pet helps spread our lifesaving message to homes across the country, and today we are excited to announce that after counting the votes, we have a winner. The four-legged friend who will be our 2019 cover star is… Nelson!


In June 2016, Nelson was rescued from a hoarding situation in the Bronx, New York. After his rescue, he soon met Lisa, a Case Manager for the ASPCA Community Engagement team. Lisa had been working closely with Nelson’s overwhelmed owner on a plan for basic care and placement for the many cats found with Nelson. But while many of the cats found new homes, Nelson spent some time at the ASPCA Animal Hospital (AAH), where he underwent treatment for some severe medical issues.

Nelson being pet

Lisa had recently suffered the loss of her own cat, and she felt that she could give Nelson a happy, loving home. Fortunately, Nelson’s owner agreed and allowed Lisa to officially adopt Nelson in October 2016. Lisa tells us, “Nelson is now a very happy kitty, with a very happy mom.”

Nelson being pet on a bed

Nelson and Lisa


If you’d like to make a difference for animals in need and receive your own copy of the 2019 ASPCA Calendar, please make a donation of $25 or more today.