America’s 12 Biggest Restaurant Chains – Which Ones Have Plant Power?

November 15, 2019


Your options used to be limited if you needed a quick, convenient meal but didn’t want to support inhumane factory farming—but that is changing! The ASPCA is working with restaurants to transition their meat, eggs and dairy purchasing to welfare-certified sources, and over the past year we’ve seen a blizzard of restaurants large and small rolling out plant-based burger options

But what about the fast food giants? Wherever you travel in this country you’re likely to encounter these chains—and sometimes, they’re your only option. We present, in size order, the dozen largest chain restaurants in the U.S. and what they each offer for those who want to opt out of factory farming and power up with plant-based protein instead. 

  1. McDonald’s – no plant-based protein
  2. Starbucks – Baja black bean veggie wrap, quinoa and black bean wrap, lentil and vegetable protein bowl
  3. Subway – Beyond Meat meatball sub
  4. Taco Bell – black bean or refried bean burrito, bowl, taco, tostada or “Crunchwrap Supreme” 
  5. Chick-fil-A – no plant-based protein
  6. Burger King – Impossible Whopper
  7. Wendy’s – no plant-based protein
  8. Dunkin’ – Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich
  9. Domino’s – no plant-based protein
  10. Panera Bread – lentil quinoa broth bowl
  11. Pizza Hut – no plant-based protein
  12. Chipotle – bean or sofritas burrito, bowl, salad or tacos

We’re thrilled to see that many fast food chains are embracing plant-based proteins and making animal-friendly meals more accessible to an unprecedented number of people. At the same time, it’s critical that these companies also improve the welfare of the animals in their supply chains. The ASPCA will continue to encourage companies to commit to more humane, sustainable farming practices for the meat on their menus.

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*The ASPCA presents this list for informational purposes only, and it is believed to be accurate as of the time posted. Listing of a restaurant or brand does not indicate any affiliation or endorsement between the ASPCA and the listed company. The ASPCA makes no representation or warranty whatsoever regarding any restaurant or brand listed above, and you agree to hold the ASPCA harmless from any and all claims based on the information set forth herein.