These Fast Food Chains Are Serving the Meatless Burgers Everyone’s Talking About

May 9, 2019

Cows on farm

Did you know that May is “National Burger Month”? We think it’s the perfect excuse to try something new—and more humane than a conventional, industrially produced beef patty. Meat alternatives are going mainstream, with fast food chains rolling out plant-based options like the Impossible™ Burger and the Beyond Burger® nationwide. This is great news for consumers who want a quick, convenient meal but are concerned about the devastating impacts of factory farmed meat.

By now, most major restaurants offer vegetarian options, but the fast food chains below are making headlines by sourcing new plant-based products—burgers and otherwise—that are hailed as tasting and looking a lot like beef: Beyond Meat® (pea protein-based) and Impossible Foods (wheat, potato and soy protein-based).

  • Bareburger – Beyond Burger, Beyond Sausage®, Impossible Burger
  • Burger 21 – Impossible Burger
  • BurgerFi – Beyond Burger
  • Burger King – Impossible Burger
  • Carl’s Jr – Beyond Burger
  • Cheesecake Factory – Impossible Burger
  • Dave & Busters – Impossible Burger
  • Del Taco – Beyond Meat taco
  • FreeBirds World Burrito – Beyond Meat burrito
  • Houlihan’s – Impossible Burger
  • Luna Grill – Beyond Burger
  • Red Robin – Impossible Burger
  • TGI Fridays – Beyond Burger
  • Twin Peaks – Beyond Burger
  • White Castle – Impossible Burger sliders

A number of other chains offer these items in select locations, so it doesn’t hurt to ask! We’re thrilled to see fast food chains embracing plant-based items and making animal-friendly meals more accessible to an unprecedented number of people. At the same time, it’s critical that these companies also improve the welfare of animals in their supply chains. The ASPCA will continue to encourage these companies to commit to more humane, sustainable farming practices, as we have with dozens of others.

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*The ASPCA presents this list for informational purposes only, and it is believed to be accurate as of the time posted. Listing of a restaurant or brand does not indicate any affiliation or endorsement between the ASPCA and the listed company. The ASPCA makes no representation or warranty whatsoever regarding any restaurant or brand listed above, and you agree to hold the ASPCA harmless from any and all claims based on the information set forth herein.