Adore-a-Bull Dogs Need You! Honor Pit Bull Awareness Day this Saturday

October 24, 2018

a happy pit bull

“Vicious.” “Aggressive.” “Dangerous.” Too often, sweet and lovable animals are labeled unfairly, just because of how they look. That’s especially true for pit bulls. Misconceptions can result in innocent dogs left in shelters, on the streets or forced into dogfighting—wondering what they’ve done wrong. This Saturday, October 27, is National Pit Bull Awareness Day, and we hope that you will honor this special day by helping us remind these mislabeled dogs and other suffering animals that there is hope for a better future. Below are just some of the faces of those who have been affected by breed stereotypes. 


Ursula was rescued from a dogfighting operation but went on to become a beloved family member. 


Syrup was rescued from cruelty and abuse before a loving adopter took her home. 


No one would give Juice a chance until his new BFF, Gemar, decided to give him a fresh start. 


Raindrop was found as a stray, injured and alone before finding a loving home. 


Lovable Lincoln is still looking for an adopter at the ASPCA Adoption Center.

Every day of the year, we fight for animals who need us. We work to keep pets and people together so that fewer animals end up in shelters. We work to defeat bad policies that unfairly target dogs based on their breed. We fight cruelty and help victims heal. And this month, our #FindYourFido campaign aims to help shelter dogs nationwide find homes. People like you, with open minds and open hearts, can make a difference for pit bulls nationwide. As we honor Pit Bull Awareness Day, we will continue to work to change the minds of those who think pit bulls are unfit for love

pit bull puppies

When you give to the ASPCA, you’re standing up for innocent animals who are victimized. Together, we can put an end to dangerous misconceptions and save lives and create more happy endings. Please consider a gift to the ASPCA today to help continue our lifesaving efforts.


a man and his pit bull