Adopt a Kitten (or Two!) with Discounted Fees During the ASPCA’s Summer Purr-Motion!

July 24, 2015

Have you ever considered adopting a kitten? Summer is a great time to do so! During feline breeding season, commonly known as kitten season, animal shelters experience an influx of cats and kittens in need of loving homes. The ASPCA Adoption Center in New York City currently has dozens of kittens available for adoption. To help match these adorable felines with loving adopters, the Adoption Center is holding a Summer Adoption Purr-motion from Friday, July 24 to Monday, September 7. Read all of the exciting details below:

  • Weekdays: $50 adoption fee for kittens under five months, $35 adoption fee for kittens five months to one year; cats over one year are free.
  • Weekends: $75 for kittens under five months, $50 for kittens five months to 3-year-old cats.
  • We will continue our BOGO (or, adopt a kitten, take home a second kitten with no adoption fee) promotion during this time.

We hope you’ll consider adopting a kitten (or two) of your own this summer! If you are not in New York City, please use our shelter finder to find adoptable pets in your area.

Kitten playing with feather toy

four kittens


Please note: while we have many kittens waiting to find loving homes, the individual kittens pictured here are not necessarily available for adoption.