Adopt a Horse Month Review: A Whinny-ing Moment for Horses

June 15, 2022

Woman with horse

Hippo is one of the many lucky horses who found a wonderful home during May's Adopt a Horse Month.

The second annual Adopt a Horse Month is in the books, and this May we had double the fun and double the impact! We’re confident that more people than ever before discovered equine adoption this May—and horses – not to mention their human counterparts – are benefiting because of it.

The inaugural Adopt a Horse Month launched last May as a united, nationwide effort to bring critically needed visibility and awareness to equine adoption. Throughout the month, we worked closely with shelters and rescues, as well as the media, to educate and inspire the horse-loving community to adopt their next horse. That’s important because horse adoption is a lesser-known way of bringing a new hooved family member home. When more horses find adoptive homes, it enables shelters and rescues to focus resources on other horses in need, opening ways for them to help more animals.

How exactly did it all shake out? It’s safe to say Adopt a Horse Month was a whinny-ing success for equines all around the country!

Brown horse with ribbon around neck

Participating shelters and rescues received a custom set of ribbons to help promote their adoptable horses on social media.

Well ahead of May, we provided trainings to our Partner shelters and rescues around taking quality pictures and writing compelling descriptions that would make their horses’ bios on our listing site, My Right Horse, shine. More than 900 horses found themselves centerstage on My Right Horse as Adopt a Horse Month kicked off, representing roughly 15% of the adoptable horse population nationwide and making it the largest such resource in the U.S.!

Brown horse with ribbon

Jasmine, available for adoption from the Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation, was one of the 900+ horses on My Right Horse last month.

During Adopt a Horse Month, 44,000 people viewed adoptable horses on My Right Horse almost 300,000 times. Throughout the month we provided educational resources and blogs to interested adopters around the country. We reminded horse lovers that horse adoption is an attainable way to bring a horse home—even for the first-time horse owner!

Brown horse

Beignet is one of the many horses who found an adopter during Adopt a Horse Month.

Through My Right Horse, more than 600 adoption inquiries were submitted—the first step for an adopter to bring a new horse home. Even more incredible, this represents a 74% increase in adoption interest over last May.

We’re thrilled to know that many ASPCA members and horse lovers discovered adoption for the first time during May. We’re even more thrilled about the real-world impact the campaign is having on horses.

Partner Wild at Heart Horse Rescue celebrated Adopt a Horse Month in a big way. They found wonderful homes for 11 horses by participating in Adopt a Horse Month. As a result, they were able to accommodate their entire waitlist of owners needing a safe place to relinquish horses while providing immediate help to community horses. Today, they have empty stalls to help the next horse in need.

Adopt a Horse Month 2022 may be over, but our work is just getting started, and we need your help. Visit My Right Horse to browse hundreds of amazing horses just waiting for their next right homes. Share their profiles with your community to help connect the right horse to their right person – that’s what Adopt a Horse Month is all about.