Stomp Your Hooves, It’s Adopt a Horse Month!

April 22, 2021

Stomp Your Hooves, It’s Adopt a Horse Month!

We’re opening the barn door and asking you to join us this May for the first-ever Adopt a Horse Month!

Like dogs and cats, horses need safe rehoming options. Horse adoption is not yet as common as it is for our smaller animal friends—but we, along with a dedicated team of partners, are working to change that. How? Partially by raising our voices and making the people aware that it is, in fact, possible to adopt a horse, and informing them of the tons of great benefits that come with adoption!
 All May long we’ll be shining a massive, Clydesdale-sized spotlight on horses and how horse adoption saves lives. By learning about equine adoption and encouraging others to do the same, you’ll be a hero for horses. And if you don’t want to stop there, we’ve got a hoof full of ways you can get involved and make a lifesaving difference for horses.

Whether you have a desire to get out and visit a barn or want to do good from your couch, here’s how you can get involved and change horses’ lives during Adopt a Horse Month:

  1. Hoof it to our beautiful new Adopt a Horse Month event page and sign the petition to make Adopt a Horse Month an annual event.
  2. Ride on over to My Right Horse to see (and please share!) lovable equines of all types who are available for adoption right now.
  3. Post about what you’ve learned on social media using #AdoptAHorse and #RightHorse.
  4. Follow our equine adoption program, The Right Horse Initiative, on Instagram and Facebook.
  5. Don’t keep your newfound equine adoption knowledge to yourself: Tell your family, friends and that coworker with a horse-obsessed kid to explore horse adoption during the month of May.

Thank you for making room in your hearts this #AdoptAHorse month for our equine friends.