5 Reasons Why You Should Foster a Large Dog

November 3, 2022


Though Adopt a Shelter Dog month has come to an end, we could still really use your help for dogs in New York City! The ASPCA has many large-breed dogs in our care, and we are in urgent need of foster caregivers in the tri-state area to share a helping hand on their journeys towards adoption. But why should you become a large dog foster? Well, we’ve got five great reasons why you should open your heart and home temporarily to a large, lovable dog in need!

1.  Fostering creates more space in shelters for other animals in need. 


When animals enter loving foster homes, critical shelter resources become available for other animals in need of life-changing support. The help foster caregivers provide animal shelters and rescues is immeasurable! They also help us learn more about the animals in our care, as many dogs blossom outside of the shelter setting and fosters have a front-row seat.

2. Your life becomes a whole lot more fun and interesting!


There are so many benefits to become a large dog foster like the reward of knowing you are personally making an impactful difference in an animal’s life, as well as companionship, potential snuggles and even the chance to engage in new routines that will benefit you both. Fostering is an opportunity to learn about your foster animal’s unique personality and provide them an opportunity to thrive! The shelter will provide you with the support, supplies and resources you need to make the most of your fostering experience.

3. Fostering provides a safe and attentive environment for animals who need extra TLC.


Many of our large dogs will benefit from special support in order to have the best possible chance at finding an adopter. This may be training, a quiet residential environment or special medical or behavioral care. When you foster, you help give these dogs the space, attention, experience and resources they need. You’re such an important part of their journey!

4. Fostering saves lives!


We’re not exaggerating! Fostering quite literally saves lives. Animals gain valuable experiences in the comfort of safe and loving foster homes and animal shelters have more space and resources to care for more animals in need. It’s a win, win! And though it’s hard to say goodbye, you can part from your foster dog knowing you changed their life for the better, every step of the way.

5. The ASPCA is in URGENT need of large dog fosters and YOU can be the hero we need! 


We are looking for large dog fosters in the tri-state area right now! You can help change their lives today by signing up to open your heart and home as a foster caregiver

If you live in the tri-state area, sign up now! Not in NYC? You can become a foster caregiver in Asheville, North CarolinaColumbus, Ohio or at your local shelter