10 Incredible Things You Helped Make Possible for Animals

November 29, 2021

You are truly a lifesaver! Without your continued support for animals in need, we would not have been able to accomplish all that we did in 2021. Animal lovers like you are the reason so many vulnerable animals get second chances throughout the year. And while you may not be able to witness firsthand all the incredible outcomes your support creates, everything we do would be impossible without you by our side. You have helped changed so many lives for the better!

That’s why we would like to take this time to truly thank you. We couldn’t have reached so many animals this year without you! So, if you need a reminder of why you should be proud to support the ASPCA, here are 10 incredible things you made possible:

1. Over 500 animals rescued from a cruel breeding operation in Iowa.

Alongside The Animal Rescue League of Iowa and several other organizations, we assisted with removal of more than 500 dogs and puppies from a failed, USDA-licensed breeder; we also provided medical care, transport, investigative assistance and essential sheltering supplies.

2. Golden oldie Dutch finds a home!

Nine-year-old Dutch was returned to the ASPCA in July after having spent his entire life in a home. Given the challenges many senior animals face when trying to find homes, we knew he would need just the right family for his golden years. This month, we finally found that family, and Dutch went to a home in Massachusetts!

3. More than 1,500 animals assisted during Hurricane Ida.

Our disaster response team was on the ground in Southern Louisiana providing ongoing assistance for pets and shelter animals impacted by the long-term effects of Hurricane Ida. We assisted more than 1,500 impacted animals through pre- and post-storm evacuations of homeless cats and dogs, water and land search-and-rescue, emergency sheltering, and pet food distribution.

4. A 2,600 mile journey: reuniting a heartbroken owner with his lost dog.

After his dogs got loose in New York City, heartbroken Buddy was forced to return to his home in California without them. But thanks to Buddy’s commitment to finding his furry friends using the internet and social media groups, he was able to identify his dog Mulligan, who had made his way to the ASPCA! A couple of our team members hit the road and drove Mulligan 2,600 miles to reunite him with Buddy. A happy reunion indeed!

5. The ASPCA Horse Adoption Express pulled out of the station to find more horses loving homes!

Early this year, we launched The Horse Adoption Express, a new program that helps transport adoptable horses to facilities where they will more efficiently find loving homes or can receive additional training to better prepare them for adoption. This program can help more horses find the barns and homes they deserve!

6. 10 people arrested and 89 dogs rescued from alleged interstate dogfighting ring. 

We assisted with the removal of 89 dogs rescued from an alleged dogfighting ring operating across Long Island, in New York City and in several other states. Following the rescue and subsequent discovery of dogfighting paraphernalia, 10 individuals were arrested.

7. New York and Nevada passed bills to prohibit breed insurance discrimination.

Governors in both New York State and Nevada signed bills this year to remove housing barriers for people with pets by prohibiting insurance companies from denying coverage based on the breed of a family’s dog.

8. We celebrated Foster Caregivers with the first-ever National Animals Foster Appreciation Week!

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, shelters nationwide relied on the support of foster caregivers to help animals who were still waiting to find loving homes. This year, we wanted to send a massive THANK YOU to all of the incredible fosters who work to help animals in need.

9. Shop With Your Heart celebrated its five-year anniversary.

In 2016, we launched this campaign with the goal of informing and empowering consumers to make higher-welfare food choices and influence the animal agriculture industry to end factory farming. In 2021 alone, our Shop With Your Heart online resources received over one million views, with visitors exploring and using dynamic tools, such as our Label Guide and Grocery List, to identify and locate higher-welfare products. Additionally, thanks to this demand for better options, in just five years the number of certified and labeled products on the market has increased nearly 350%, and the number of animals raised under meaningful certification standards has doubled to more than 600 million animals.

10. ASPCA Community Veterinary Centers expanded and provided even more care and assistance for people and pets in need.

Our Community Veterinary Centers (CVC) in the Bronx and Miami, Florida, had milestone years and celebrated their first and second anniversaries this year, respectively. Additionally, we opened a third CVC facility in Brooklyn. These facilities help provide low and no-cost veterinary services and resources for pet owners in need.