USDA-Licensed Breeder Surrenders More Than 500 Dogs; ASPCA on the Scene

November 3, 2021

dogs in a muddy outdoor pen

We have continued to share the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) unwillingness to hold commercial dog breeders accountable for violating the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). One particularly disturbing case we’ve been following has put a spotlight on the cruel breeding industry and the USDA’s lack of action against licensed breeders. It has garnered national attention, and we are happy to report that the animals are finally being removed from Daniel Gingerich’s facility and will receive the help and attention they so desperately need. 

The USDA documented more than 190 violations of the AWA at Gingerich’s commercial breeding facility, but it wasn’t until the U.S. Department of Justice filed a complaint [PDF] in late September and the Court issued a federal restraining order that he agreed to surrender all of the hundreds of animals in his care. The complaint details horrific conditions at multiple locations in Iowa where Gingerich kept dogs, including dogs with untreated injuries and illnesses such as parvovirus and distemper, dogs with painful hair matting, dogs in cages that were too small, dogs eating moldy food and dead dogs on the property

With a rescue this size and complexity, bringing the dogs to safety is a team effort. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa is overseeing the operation and sheltering, in addition to addressing medical needs and providing daily care for these dogs. We are assisting with removal of the dogs and puppies, medical care, transport, investigative assistance and providing essential sheltering supplies. The Animal Rescue Corps, Bissell Pet Foundation, First Medical Inc., Hills Foundation, Iowa State University, RedRover, Wayside Waifs and Wisconsin Humane Society will also support this case by providing responders to assist with transporting and providing daily care, food and supplies for the animals. 

We are grateful to the Department of Justice for taking action for taking action that resulted in the removal of hundreds of animals from the horrifying cruelty and neglect that they were left to suffer in at the hands of this USDA-licensed breeder. This shocking cruelty is a predictable result of the USDA’s customer service policy, through which they substitute education and cooperation for enforcement, allowing the very animals they have a legal and moral obligation to protect to endure prolonged and extreme suffering.

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