Our Nationwide Initiative Helps Vulnerable Animals in a Pandemic

January 26, 2021

  Guardian Exclusive  

Our Nationwide Initiative Helps Vulnerable Animals in a Pandemic

As an ASPCA Guardian, you reach animals in need throughout the United States. Your monthly support is valued by all our lifesaving programs—and during the COVID-19 pandemic, your gifts helped us pivot and extend our resources like never before.

In total, the ASPCA COVID-19 Relief & Recovery Initiative has provided $7.5 million in emergency relief to help pet owners and shelters navigate the pandemic. As part of this initiative, we provided grant funding to animal welfare organizations to ease financial strain and support their ongoing programs, operations and fundraising needs.

In the Numbers

$4 million has been awarded to more than 80 animal welfare organizations across 35 states, Washington, D.C., and U.S. territories, reaching thousands of cats, dogs and horses.

grant funding map

States highlighted in orange received grant funding from the ASPCA during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Thankful Communities

Animal welfare groups have faced many challenges since the start of COVID-19. Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) in Florida, bore the heavy burden of being the only animal shelter in their region to continue accepting animals at the beginning of the pandemic shutdowns. JHS was tasked with serving an area of North Florida with a population of over one million people. They stretched their innovative thinking and focused efforts on safety-net programs that would help keep pets in loving homes.

“Kitten Krusaders” is a vital program for JHS and prevents kittens from entering the shelter system by supporting folks who find kittens keep them at home by providing supplies and access to free veterinary care. To get these kittens into loving homes, JHS partnered with a local company to host a kitten café—following social distancing guidelines and requiring masks. Kitten Krusaders dropped their kittens off in the morning and hoped their feline would be adopted. In total, 925 kittens went through the Kitten Krusader program.

Our grant of $50,000 to JHS will provide continued assistance to support pet owners in their community through services, including free and low-cost veterinary care, free emergency boarding, free pet food and supplies, free behavior support, and free rehoming assistance.

young adopters holding kittens

Adopters at the Jacksonville Humane Society's Kitten Café.

JHS is just one of the animal welfare groups to receive grant funding from the ASPCA. For every grant recipient, there is a community who is thankful to the ASPCA and supporters like you.

You are a true and loyal friend to the ASPCA and the animals we serve. Thank you so much for your ongoing support that reaches animals in every corner of the country.