Horses Are Hoofing into New Homes This Month!

May 24, 2022


May is Adopt a Horse Month! Adoptable horses and those who care for them are putting their best hooves forward in hopes of making adoption a more common, popular way of acquiring a horse … or donkey, pony or mule!

As an ASPCA Guardian, we know you advocate to Make Pet Adoption Your First Option® and urge all those you know to do the same—and for that, our nation's cats, dogs and equines thank you.

In 2021, more than 3,500 equines were adopted through the ASPCA’s Right Horse partners, and 188 horses were transported by the new ASPCA Horse Adoption Express for a better chance at finding their new home.


At 20 years old, Beauty got another chance to be loved when she was adopted from an ASPCA partner. Eight years later and this senior horse still has some pep in her step and loves going on adventures with her doting adopter!

If you or someone you know are exploring equine adoption, please visit to meet some beauties who are ready to gallop into your heart. And if horse adoption isn’t an option for you, you can be proud that your support creates a positive impact on horses by fueling programs like the Equine Transition and Adoption Center (ETAC) to develop solutions to the barriers that get in the way of horses finding homes.

Your monthly support means that we can pioneer these incredible initiatives to help horses safely transition to new careers and homes. Our hoofed friends thank you!