Happy Tails Made Possible By You

July 26, 2021

This August, we’re highlighting our groundbreaking rehabilitation work that is transforming the lives of animals throughout our country.

Dogs like Cindy—who may have never lived in a loving home—can get a second chance at life thanks to your support. Today, we’re sharing some of our most heartwarming rehabilitation stories made possible by devoted Guardians like you.


“Cindy’s case was a little different just because she was so very young. It’s very unusual to find puppies that extremely fearful,” says Cindy’s caseworker Monica Body, ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Specialist. “It was a matter of urgency to work with her while she was still such a young dog.”

At the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center (BRC), small and fearful Cindy would get the help and care she desperately needed.

Stay tuned to our rehabilitation stories in August to find where Cindy is today!

Lily Jane

Lily Jane was rescued from a sad hoarding situation in November 2017. She was found protecting a small dog suffering from untreated medical conditions. The lack of social interaction had made Lily Jane extremely fearful, but she received the rehabilitation she desperately needed at the BRC and was adopted in 2019.


In April 2018, Bart was one of nearly 120 animals rescued form a failed animal sanctuary in New Mexico. After time in a temporary shelter, he was later transferred to the BRC to continue his behavioral rehabilitation. Bart progressed well through treatment and graduated! The case was officially resolved in November 2019 and he was officially adopted by his foster parent.


Roux was found as a stray and for the first few days in the shelter he refused to eat—he would growl and tremble at anyone who approached. Roux was transferred to the BRC for treatment. With time and dedication, Roux learned to trust humans and even went on day trips with volunteers. He proudly graduated in March 2019 and found a loving home with a canine sibling and devoted BRC volunteer.


Found tethered in a locked car on a scorching 96-degree day in New York City, Shiva and three other puppies were discovered without food or water. It was clear Shiva needed urgent medical attention and behavioral rehabilitation too. With the assistance of “helper dogs” Shiva flourished! She graduated the program and was adopted into a patient, loving family.


Nova was rescued from a puppy mill in Iowa in November 2018. She was terrified in the presence of humans, but with other dogs around she was able to learn people weren’t so bad. Slowly, Nova’s confidence increased and after several months of progress she was ready to find her new home. It didn’t take her long to find someone to fall in love!