A Duo of Dachshunds Find Homes for the Holidays

February 18, 2021

  Guardian Exclusive | Case Update  

A Duo of Dachshunds Find Homes for the Holidays

At the end of 2020, the ASPCA helped rescued more than 40 dogs from a hoarding situation in Texas, where an overwhelmed caregiver requested our assistance. Today, 12 dogs are still receiving care at our Behavioral Rehabilitation Center (BRC) in Weaverville, North Carolina.

Thanks to generous Guardian members like you, we can help rescue animals in need, provide ongoing rehabilitation and find them loving homes. We are happy to share an update on two dogs—Freckles and Buster—who are now happy safe and loved. Thank you for making their stories possible!

Tarmac Meet-Cute

Kristina “Kat” K. was working her shift at the Asheville Regional Airport in North Carolina on December 3 when a Wings of Rescue plane touched down.

Inside were nearly 20 dogs recently rescued by the ASPCA from a hoarding case in Texas, on their way to a variety of animal shelters.

As Kat peered into one dog’s crate, a 12-year-old Dachshund named Freckles peered back.

Freckles in crate

“I have an older Dachshund myself, and I fell in love with Freckles as soon as I saw him on the tarmac,” says Kat.

Though the rest of the rescued dogs resumed their transfers, Freckles’ journey was over. He had found his home with Kat.


“I think it’s a really sweet story—finding love at the airport!” says Katie Summers, the ASPCA’s Senior Manager of Foster and Placement.

A Sad Start

On November 10, the ASPCA rescued Freckles and 40 other dogs from a west Texas property where they had been living in and around an overcrowded mobile home. Access to food and water was inadequate, and many of the dogs suffered from medical issues.

Freckles being held

The dogs’ owners acknowledged they could not provide proper care for the animals and voluntarily surrendered them to the ASPCA. Guardian member support allows us to respond in unique situations like this one to help animals in need. Most of the dogs were transported to the Humane Society of North Texas in Ft. Worth to be adopted.

Freckles outside

The remaining animals were flown to Asheville by Wings of Rescue. Some who were ready for adoption were transferred to the Humane Society of Charlotte, while behaviorally challenged dogs went to the BRC which provides rehabilitation for severely fearful, unadoptable dogs.

Freckles receiving care

Thanks to our generous monthly supporters we can help animals who need rehabilitation after their rescue. Your monthly gifts help fund groundbreaking programs like our BRC, the first facility in the country solely dedicated to rehabilitating extremely fearful dogs. We collaborate with animal welfare groups throughout the country so together, we can help behaviorally challenged dogs nationwide.

A Benefactor for Buster

Buster receiving care

Freckles wasn’t the only dog who was adopted before being placed in a shelter.

Buster, another older Dachshund, was scheduled to be transported to the Humane Society of Charlotte. Because he needed dental work, he was first taken to the Appalachian Animal Hospital in Weaverville—that’s where Allison F. spotted him.

“I happened to be there and saw him and fell in love with him,” says Allison, who manages the boarding and day care business for the hospital.

Buster looking through glass

Allison, an animal lover since childhood, has three Dachshunds (Darla, Winston and Emmette) and is familiar with the breed. She and her husband Joe also have a rescued husky named Balto, a German shepherd named Dallas, and two cats, Milo and William.

She told Joe about Buster, and the next morning, when Allison reported to work, Buster was still there.

Buster in crate

“I took that to be a clear sign that I should adopt him,” says Allison.

On Sunday, December 6, Allison, Joe and their daughter Leslie, 18, adopted Buster, who was waiting for them at the BRC.

Buster, like Freckles, is a senior dog—somewhere between the age of 10 and 12—and has arthritis in his legs. But he is now in very good hands.

Buster at home wearing sweater

“He needs some attention, and we’re making sure he doesn’t have any other underlying medical issues,” explains Allison. “But he’s cute and seems happy. He loves his little hedgehog toy and is always in good spirits. I’m so glad we’re here for him.”

Thank You Guardians

Guardians like you are the reason we can connect more animals in need with their loving families. We’re hard at work this year helping to rescue, rehabilitate and find loving homes for many cats, dogs and horses who are counting on us. Thank you for your lifesaving support that makes this work possible and helps pups like Freckles and Buster get a second chance at life.