Check-In on Recently Rescued Animals

October 20, 2021


You stand by our side during every rescue; as we discover horrific conditions, collect and document evidence for law enforcement, and meet each desperate animal who needs help. As an ASPCA Guardian, you are with us every step of the way on a rescued animals’ journey.

In your exclusive Guardian Newsletter, you’ll read about some recent cases that the ASPCA could respond to thanks to your dedicated support. Each rescued animal’s path to a loving home is unique. We’d like to introduce you to some animals who are at different stages following their rescue.



Kayak is one of more than 25 dogs who were rescued from a cruelty situation in New York.

“Kayak came from a home where she likely didn’t have much experience seeing and interacting with the world—but she has shown she is ready to move on from her past and learn what it’s like to be loved and adored in a world full of opportunity,” says Kelly DiCicco, Manager of Promotions at the ASPCA Adoption Center. 

She continues, “Kayak loves to sit and watch novel things like birds and kids—which she may never have seen before. She would love a family who are ready to keep showing her just how great life is and all of the wonderful things it has to offer—and teach her how to be a real, loved pet dog.”

We are excited to share that Kayak has recently found her loving home, but if you would like to adopt a dog from our Adoption Center, please check out their adoption profiles.

Louise Pickles


Louise Pickles was among 20 animals rescued from neglect in Missouri. She was found closed off in an 80 degree, six-by-eight-foot bathroom which was covered in feces and urine—and she was in pain.

During her medical exam it was discovered her foot was fractured, and she required pins inside her broken bones to stabilize them.

“Louise Pickles came to us with a fractured left foot,” says Mary Sarah Fairweather, Vice President of our Cruelty Recovery Center. “Louise has 6-8 weeks of recovery and may need physical therapy. She’s resting and receiving enrichment and quiet time with people while she recovers.”

With your help, Louise is receiving the urgent treatment she needed and is safely recovering in our care.



Karma uses her crate as a safe space to retreat to when she is fearful.

Sweet Karma was also rescued from an alleged dogfighting ring in New York. Karma needs specialized care before she is ready to search for a family. To prepare her for life as a beloved pet, Karma was transferred to the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center (BRC).

Karma joined the program in September and after a few treatments she is already making progress.

“She appears to be food motivated and when given the choice, she chooses to stay in the proximity of people,” says Cheryl Suydam, Senior Manager of Behavioral Rehabilitation at the BRC. “We’ve just started rudimentary beginnings of hand targeting and ‘follow me’, two protocols we use to desensitize the dogs to hands and human movement.”

ASPCA behavior specialists will continue to work with Karma as she learns to trust humans. You can meet BRC graduates who are currently looking for new homes now.

A rescued animals’ journey to a loving home can take days, weeks, months or even years depending on the treatment they require to prepare for life as a beloved pet. Your heartfelt monthly gifts provide a reliable source of funding for animals in our care. On behalf of Kayak, Louise, Karma and the thousands of animals we reach each year, thank you.