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ASPCA South Los Angeles Spay/Neuter Clinic

The ASPCA offers fully subsidized, high-quality spay/neuter surgery for residents of the City of Los Angeles & LA County. As an organization, we recognize that accessible and affordable spay/neuter is an important part of creating a healthy community for cats and dogs. Therefore, the ASPCA provides spay/neuter services directly to underserved communities and pet families at our stationary clinic in South LA and two mobile clinics in LA County.

Who qualifies for services?

Due to limited availability, the ASPCA stationary clinic in South Los Angeles serves only residents of the City of LA who can obtain a SPAY & NEUTER CERTIFICATE from the South L.A. Animal Care Center. These certificates may be obtained the day of service.The ASPCA also operates two mobile spay/neuter clinics at the LA County Baldwin Park and Downey Animal Care Centers. These clinics serve LA County residents in underserved communities with minimal access to affordable spay/neuter.

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