Orange tabby with white
2 years

Meet Tang! Tang is the biggest cuddle bug you'll ever meet. He loves getting pets and scratches behind his ears and has a very loud purr. Tang is also very active and energetic but can be shy and timid around new people and surroundings. He startles easily when he hears loud noises, but he usually recovers from his fright pretty quickly and gets right back to playing and cuddling! 

Tang gets along great with his foster family's adult cat. They sleep together, groom each other and play together every day. Tang enjoys playing with toy balls with bells, chasing and pouncing on your toes under the covers and playing with his sister, Cali

Tang is an all-around great kitty! He would love to be adopted with his sister, Cali, or into a home with another friendly and playful cat. If this handsome boy sounds like your kind of guy, please fill out our online adoption survey.


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