5 years

Sophie came to her foster home extremely shy and scared. She wouldn't let anyone get near her at first. Through time, treats and a lot of love she has opened up and become the sweetest little girl! She has a very high pitched, soft little meow. Sophie loves to be petted, having you scratch her head and chin and rub her belly is her favorite. This gal can also very playful! She loves the laser, any dangling toy and especially her little mouse toy.

Sophie as come so far and would do best in a home with her sister Ginger Cakes. They play and sleep together, and Ginger Cakes helps Sophie be more confident! These sisters are available for adoption as a pair and are currently in a foster home. If you are interested in adopting this duo please complete our online adoption survey.


Sophie and Ginger Cakes

Ginger Cakes and Sophie

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