White with brown tabby
2 years

Meet Sage! Sage is a playful and energetic kitten. He is shy with new people and can be cautious but is willing to be held once he's had time to warm up to you. Sage is very skittish around young children and loud noises, so he would do best in a home with older children or no children at all.

Sage absolutely LOVES playing and napping with his foster family's adult cats and his kitten siblings. He could spend hours wrestling with everyone and chasing them all around the house.

Sage also enjoys exploring around his foster home and climbing up high in cat trees. If he’s not exploring, he’s playing with all types of toys including wand toys, balls with bells, crumpled paper and empty boxes. Once he's all tuckered out from playing, he likes to take long cat naps.

Because Sage feels more comfortable around other cats than he does with humans, he would be the perfect match for someone looking to adopt a feline friend for their current cat or kitten. Sage may not be too keen on humans, but he will provide hours of entertainment and snuggles for your resident cat!

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