Black and orange tabby with white
3 years

Meet Reese! This gorgeous gal is very curious, playful and independent. Reese can be a bit shy at first but once she feels comfortable, she really enjoys a good pet session! She will let you know when she's ready to be pet by chatting and rubbing against your legs. She loves head and chin rubs or a good back and base of tail scratch and then she'll plop on her back for a chest and belly rub. She may even give you some licks on your ankle, arms, hands or feet in gratitude! 

Reese is curious and will explore every nook and cranny in her home and can be very talkative while she's exploring. Reese likes to stay connected to what her people are doing and will follow them throughout the house. She will find a safe hiding spot if there are unexpected loud noises or visitors, but it will be in a place she can still view what's going on. 

Reese is fairly independent. She likes to nap near her people, but not on them, and doesn't enjoy being picked up for more than a few seconds. Reese loves to watch the sunrise and will sit and nap on a windowsill or in an enclosed patio or balcony to see all the goings on. 

A couple times a day she will chase and wrestle with her sister, Millie and she loves to play with toys and boxes for a good half hour, getting her daily energy out. Reese loves chasing plastic coil springs and bouncy balls down hallways and pouncing onto wand toys with feathers and jingle bells. Reese will then cozy up against your legs at night in bed and let you know when it's time to wake up in the morning!

Reese would do well in a home by herself, or adopted together with her sister, Millie. If you think Reese is the cat for you please fill out our online adoption survey



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