Brown Tabby with white
1 year

Meet Peach! Pretty Peach is a total cuddle bug. She loves being held, especially when you walk around with her in your arms. As soon as you pick her up her purr motor starts running! 

Peach gets along great with her three kitten siblings, Daisy, Bowser and Toad. She loves playing with and chasing them around the house. Peach is a talkative and energetic kitten and enjoys playing with any typical cat toy including feather toys, string toys, ribbons, and toy mice. She is well-mannered around her foster family's two adult cats and waits for them to interact with her.

Peach especially loves being around her foster family and cuddling with them. She really enjoys spending her afternoons in her foster's lap as they work. When she wakes up, she will jump up just to give you kisses on your nose. She also loves finding a small cubby or soft cat bed for her afternoon naps or perching on a tall ledge of the cat tree. 

Peach would love to be adopted with Daisy, Bowser or Toad, or into a home with another friendly cat. 

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