Grey Tabby
3 years

Meet Lucifer! Don’t let his name fool you, Lucifer is a heavenly kitty! This loveable guy is a little shy at first but is very playful once he feels comfortable and gets to know you.

Lucifer loves playing with other animals, especially is brother Blue. Once he sees Blue having fun, Lucifer is quick to join in on the playtime. Lucifer loves playing with hairbands, any toy that makes noises and feather toys. Want to make him your best friend? Offer him some catnip treats!

Lucifer likes to explore and can be independent as he can prefer attention on his own terms, but he also loves to be pet, cuddled and brushed. Lucifer doesn't like to be picked up very much, but he can be a lap cat full of kisses!

Lucifer does get a little nervous with loud sounds or sudden noises so he may be best in a home without young children. If you are interested in adopting Lucifer, please fill out our online adoption survey.


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