Grey/ White Tabby
5 years

Meet Lexi! Lexi is a very sweet girl and a purring machine! She is talkative, friendly and affectionate around new people. The way to Lexi’s heart? Pets, cuddles and delicious treats!

Lexi likes company from humans over being alone most of the time, but she can also be an independent gal who likes attention on her own terms. She is calm and cuddly throughout the day but definitely does have a playful streak, sometimes even at night. Lexi likes toys but especially those with feathers and she can be a bit of an explorer as she does let her curiosity take over and climbs around the house.

Lexi easily adapted into her foster home environment. Lexi gets along very well with her foster family's pet bunny. She will likely get along well with another cat or possibly a cat-friendly dog as long as they were introduced slowly. If you are interested in adopting this loving girl, please fill out our online adoption survey.


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