Black and white
5 years

Meet Jake! Jake a really social guy who has never met a stranger and loves to be around people! He is super sweet and playful, loves attention and has a very healthy appetite!

Jake can be a lap cat at times. He enjoys being held, is full of kisses and takes lots of cat naps. When he's in a playful mood, Jake loves chasing balls around the house, playing with plush cat toys and batting at feather wands. He also enjoys using his scratching post and scratch pads!

Potential adopters should be aware that Jake is sometimes a little escape artist as he is very curious of the outside world and a bit of a door dasher. He may try to run outside if the door is left open and is often looking for opportunities to venture into the outdoors.

Jake is currently in a foster home. Because Jake is still learning that playtime does not include his mouth or claws, he may do best in a home without children or with older children. Jake may do well in a home with another cat as long as they are introduced slowly. If Jake sounds like the snuggly kitty for you, please fill out our online adoption survey!


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