White and black
14 years

Meet Harvey! This super senior is a sweet, quiet boy who is more of the strong, silent type. Harvey and his best friend and brother, Fray, are looking for a home together where they can comfortably live out the rest of their golden years.

Harvey doesn’t talk too much but he adores being petted and brushed, rewarding you with loudest but most calming purr. He wants to be next to you most of the time, going as far as sleeping next to you. When it gets cold Harvey wants to be under the covers and he’ll tap you gently until you comply!

However, don’t be fooled by Harvey's calm demeanor–he absolutely loses his mind over laser pointers! He gets a dose of zoomies almost daily, during which he loves chasing around the red dot and playing with string and wand toys.

Harvey and Fray cannot imagine life without each other, so they must go home together. If this perfect pair sounds like the duo for you, please complete our online adoption survey.


Harvey and Fray


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