Grey and white
3 years

Meet Evie! This girl is a sweet, gentle soul. She loves to talk to you to get your attention for pets. Evie is a mellow gal and can be nervous in new places. She isn't fond of sudden loud noises and would do best in a home without young children.

Evie gets her confidence from the cats around her, especially from her brother Eddie. She prefers attention on her own terms, but she enjoys sitting next to her people as they do work, looking out the window at the world going by. Evie loves playing with feather toys and ball tracks. She is also a social eater and loves all type of treats!

Evie would love to be adopted with her brother Eddie as he shows her the world isn’t all that scary. Alternatively, she could be adopted into a home with at least one other kitty to help her feel more confident and safe.

If this adorable duo sounds like the pair for you, or if Evie sounds like she’d be besties with your kitty, please fill out our online adoption survey.

Evie in foster with her brother Eddie

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